The UK is heading towards its referendum on EU membership and I’m hoping that the majority vote with the sensible ‘get us out of this mess’ side of the question. The EU might help make some things easier – and as a European citizen taking advantage of that status to live in France with less than the normal amount of hassle for an Australian – but it also makes for some terrible realities, too. Given the choice I would disband the whole thing but, being France, there’s little chance that the government would ever put that question to the people. Indeed, the last time that the French were asked to endorse the mob in Brussels they voted non to the European Constitution. A vote today would see the EU consigned to the poubelle of history, and this is a reality that the French elites could not countenance.

Yet the Brits are about to give people a choice, and I think it’s a good thing. I do hope that the Brexit becomes reality and eases the grip of the EU on that country. What’s more, a successful Brexit would encourage other states to question their commitment to the EU and this can only be a good thing.

Via Tim Blair I came across the film Brexit: The Movie today and it’s worth a look. If you have a spare hour, check it out. It make the argument for Britain leaving the EU well and, while it does have a perspctive that the David Cameron’s of the world would detest, it is fair and factual throughout.

Now will they actually leave? Hard to say.

The polls are pretty close at the moment and the elites in Britain are pushing hard to remain in the EU. Still, there’s always a chance that the people will go with their own interests instead of the Radio 4 crowd.

Come on the Brexit!

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