It’s been a day spent traveling, getting organized (well, reorganized) back in Lyon, and then getting prepared for the Christmas Dinner that we are having today, on Boxing Day.

So what am I putting on the menu for tonight?

We’ve got a few little flavored cheeses for the aperitif and then straight to the main course: guinea fowl stuff ed with foie gras, chutney, and figs with some potatoes sarladaise on the side, and then a buche for dessert.

Not bad, huh?

I’ve cooked guinea fowl a couple of times before and it usually goes down nicely. It’s especially nice as a change from the standard roasted chicken or seasonal turkey, a little more ‘gamey’ and still accessible for a palate like Jamie’s (read: no need to resort to ketchup to get him to eat it). The sarladaise potatoes are a favorite with plenty of herbs and butter, and the buche is a bit of a tradition in France and certainly not home made.

As for the eating? Well, that’s to come – here’s hoping that when I carve the guinea fowl in about 90 minutes everything goes to plan!

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