As I was leaving the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra the other night the common refrain from Lyon Running Club friends and Lyon Ultra Run organizers was a cheerful bonne recup.

I’m in the midst of the first part of this recuperation now.

The legs are starting to feel a little better walking around, though the downhill on the way into the office each morning is horrible still. It’s a reminder that I need to work my quads more in training and focus on some downhills before the Saintelyon in December else I’ll be feeling horrible in the run up to Christmas.

The feet, after a couple of days of being shoe-free in the office, are starting to feel better. The swelling around both of my big toenails has gone down and though they are still both black and blue beneath the nail, they are less painful than they were. I think by tomorrow they should be feeling OK again.

The blister that formed on the outside of my left heel has gone down and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I don’t get blisters often or really even at all. My shoes fit well, I don’t slide around much, and even the muddy race at CIEC didn’t screw my feet up as much as the downhills did on the weekend.

Everything else is on track and I am hoping to be able to take a short run this weekend, maybe two if I can fit them in amongst all the apartment-related stuff we have on the menu. The real running will probably get back on track slowly as June is rounding out to be a very busy month at work and moving house, too. Hopefully, though, with the new apartment will come a new rhythm to the day and a return to running the longer distances I enjoy.

If all goes to plan I think that July will see me ramping up again, August will be all in stride, and then I’ll wind down the first couple of weeks of September before the 50 mile run I have planned for the middle of that month. It’ll be a little more relaxed than the three-ultras-in-two-month schedule I’ve just worked through, but it’s a new challenge and I want to be ready and not rush my bonne recup.

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