I am heading up to Paris this evening for work and so I was into the office early – first, actually! – and worked through lunch so I could get home, get prepared, and make it to the train station on time. That I had a conference call not long before the train departed meant I really couldn’t fit in a run at the end of the day and the early start meant I couldn’t find the time in the morning, either. Hence, instead of running at the ends of the day, I ran in the middle.

Nothing spectacular about the route or precise goals for the run other than getting it done. I wanted an hour on my feet, to clear my head, and to get ready for what is going to be a pretty busy conference call and a couple of days of meetings in the capital. A simple out and back was my plan: straight up the Saone to the Isle Barbe, a loop around the trail there, and then back home again.

It was a little warmer today than it has been in recent days and running in the afternoon instead of the pre-dawn cold also made it a little more enjoyable. The wind was still there but it wasn’t quite as cold, and the blasts of cool air from time to time was tempered by the thought that I would soon be turning around and running with a tailwind all the way back home. When I finally did start heading home it was almost warm in comparison: I rolled up my sleeves and enjoyed the winter sunshine!

There were a few people out enjoying the day on the path along the river though there were fewer the further away from Lyon I got.¬†All in all it was a relaxing run, a nice way to breathe some fresh air, and a good way to spend a late lunch hour on a day where I know I won’t find my bedroom before 10pm and sleep probably an hour or so after that.

Distance: 12.8km

Elevation: 23m

Time: 1:04:29


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