After a week off from running after the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra I was back into things today with a gentle, steady run in the rain.

The goal of the run today was simply to complete it. I didn’t want to push hard, I didn’t want to set any records, and I was happy to head out for about ten kilometers or so with the latest Ultrafinishers podcast along for the ride. The most recent episode came in at 47 minutes and change so it was the perfect length for a relaxed Saturday afternoon run.


I set off down the stairs and quickly found my way to the trail alongside the Rhone. Heading up river, I planned to cross over the footbridge onto the left bank of the Rhone and then head into the Parc de la Feyssine. If I was aiming for ten kilometers all up I figured that heading into the park and then making a turn about half way through would be about right. In the park, though, things were not as expected.

Nearing the turn around point I had planned on I saw a sign announcing a diversion. There seemed to be some sort of ropes course set up in the trees and so, without breaking my stride, I turned right into the trees and found a parallel trail heading towards the wide open space in the middle of the park. What I saw instead of this wide open space was what looked like some sort of carnival flush with kids, tents, and activities. When I got to the tents, I turned left and headed back towards the river.

And then the rain came.

As I started to feel the heavy drops on my head I reached the water’s edge and turned left again to follow the river downstream. I was running in mud but I was comfortable and confident I wouldn’t slip as the rain was only just beginning. However, what I didn’t bank on was the trail I was running on disappearing and having to clamber up some rocks to find the trail again. A little excitement never hurt anyone, I guess, and it’s not as if I could be lost with the river on my right hand side, right?

Heading back the way I had come, I reached the footbridge, crossed back over, and made good time heading back towards home. I had to stop for a couple of minutes to cross the road near the tunnel but otherwise things went smoothly. Nearing home, I realized I would be about a kilometer short of where I wanted to be and so threw in a loop around the block at the bottom of the hill before bounding up the stairs and clicking stop on the Garmin as the rain finally let off.

I wasn’t hurt, I wasn’t injured, my feet felt fine, and I’m back into it – the perfect run for restarting the training cycle.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 64m

Time: 49:07


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