The owner of our apartment gave us a call a couple of weeks ago and made it clear she wants to take the apartment back. That’s “without us in it” of course.

Hence, we’re in the process of searching out a new apartment.

We’ve got a good idea of what we’re looking for and how much we’re willing to spend. I know the city of Lyon fairly well now after ten years and Cécile has a good idea of the parts of the city that she likes, too. Of course, there’s also Jamie to consider so being closer to parks and fun things for kids is a priority, too, and so we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of areas of town.

We like the centre of the city and its access to most everything we like to do. Anything in the 1st arrondissement or even the upper half of the 2nd arrondissement would be fine with us. The 6th arrondissement is also a nice part of town, if also a little bit more expensive than the 1st or 2nd. We could also pretty easily live in Caluire or Villeurbanne, though it would be a bigger change from our more recent inner-city lifestyle.

dk apartments lyon villeurbanne

As someone who has lived all over the city and in Villeurbanne, too, I think I have enjoyed the city centre most of all. The 6th is nice, too, and I have had three different apartments in that arrondissement over the years, but the city centre is the place to be for almost everything.

We’re visiting a place this afternoon in the 6th, we’ll look at another tomorrow in the 1st, and we’ll also keep our eyes open for any others that pop up and look good in the same areas. Hopefully we’ll be able to get everything in order so as to move smoothly before the summer – fingers crossed everything goes according to plan.

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