It’s Wednesday and that means that the weekly Lyon Running Club group run is happening at 7:30pm. For me, though, these Wednesday evening runs have turned into two-part long runs: first a solo run of 10 to 12km, and second the group run of between 8 and 10km. The solo run is usually a little faster than the group run but combined they amount to a mid-week long run out past the half marathon distance.

I planned to leave work shortly after our weekly team meeting. It usually finishes around 6pm and I only need to get changed and pull on my Camelbak and start running. It means I should be out the door from DOZ at about 6:15pm, run a good hour or hour and a quarter, and then meet the group for another hour or so on my feet.

The only downside today? The weather. We had overcast skies in the morning, thunderstorms in the afternoon, and light rain forecast for the evening. It would be a long time under the cold rain and I was not looking forward to the inevitable 10 minutes of waiting around at the Place des Celestins as the group gathered together before leaving for the LRC run.


When I started out it was not raining so I had my jacket rolled up and tucked into the front pocket of my hydration pack. In my ears I had a new playlist topped by Journey’s classic 1980’s anthem, Any Way You Want It. This song somehow got stuck in my head this morning at work and I had it on repeat for most of the day. Some songs, huh?

I headed down to the Rhone, followed it to the Pont Raymond Barre, crossed over to the Museum and then looped around to La Mulatiere. This was the reverse of the route I had run a couple of times recently and it was still nice to run. A little busier with the odd dog walker, but nothing too annoying. I think it is quickly turning into one of my favorite routes.

I looped around the Presque Isle a little, doubling back to Confluence and then heading back into the city center to meet up with the Lyon Running Club. Things got started a bit late (as always…) but eventually we headed off in the direction of the Old City.

It was announced before the run that the goal of the group run tonight was nice and steady 6:00 pace with a sprint through the tunnel under Croix Rousse. This was fine with me and I had already decided that the sprint would be just lifting that 6:00 pace to 5:00 pace or so. I was already feeling tired and lacking energy so, while I could run at 6:00 pace forever, sprinting to 4:00 pace for the glory of getting to the end of a mile-long tunnel quicker than others didn’t appeal.

We headed up a staircase in the Old City, then made our way down to the tunnel. During the sprint I finished mid-pack but took it very steady. Then it was just over the Rhone, down the river a kilometer or so, then back across to the Presque Isle to where I would bid the group farewell. I was tired, the legs weren’t going to benefit all that much from another couple of junk miles, and I made my way home up the hill.

Distance: 23.5km

Elevation: 238m

Time: 2:15:27


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