Yesterday I got in 8.7km and this morning I was ready to go a little further. Not a lot, just a little. I wanted to push it out to 10km and see how things felt. No hills, no stairs, no intervals – just running steady tempo and making sure not to stress my leg too much. I’m still not sure that it is healed entirely and I don’t want to injure it again trying to extend my run by five or six minutes. I’d rather cut it a bit short than push on and hurt myself. I have about 9 weeks or so to prepare for the run in England and I want to make the most of the whole time which won’t happen if I ramp up too fast.

So with nothing more than a distance goal in mind and a desire to keep things fairly flat, I decided to take a loop of Confluence and – if I was still feeling good – add an extra kilometer or so by looping through the city center. The mantra for the morning: easy does it.


I was up very early this morning (3:30am!) for a Skype call back to Australia and so I managed to get out the door quite a bit earlier than I normally would. I also had a chance to pound down a cup of coffee and some water which probably helped get me moving and get the heart pumping in the first couple of kilometers.

I left from Jacobins and headed out to cross the Rhone at the Pont de la Guillotiere. Instead of dropping down the stairs onto the berges I chose to stay in the streetlights and run on the hard-packed walking trail above the river. I followed this down river until I got to the end of the path where I dropped down onto the berges for the final section of pathway to the Pont Raymond Barre.

As I made that turn to drop down to the path I passed a bus stop that had been graffitied with a couple of slogans. There was the inevitable ANTIFA which is an abbreviation of anti-fascist. This ends up being tagged around Lyon on walls, posters, and most anything to do with the police. But beneath this was another abbreviation I hadn’t seen before: ANTICA. I pondered this for a couple of minutes and concluded it is likely an abbreviation of anti-capitalism which is more than a little problematic in a country that is – despite some evidence to the contrary – capitalist. Still, I had The Infinite Monkey Cage going on the iPod and the topic was chemistry and the elements of the periodic table so there were more interesting things to ponder as I crossed the Rhone, turned around the Confluence Museum, and headed back up the Saone towards home.

About the six kilometer point I thought I might be running a little fast and stretching my stride a little too much so I dialed it back a little. To my surprise it didn’t appear that I slowed down much at all on Strava but I did feel like I was taking it slightly easier as I dropped onto the path besides the Soane and headed upriver. At Perrache I crossed over to the other side of the river, ran past the old city, and then crossed back to the Presque Isle to head down the Rue de Republique and close out the run. A couple of right hand turns and I clicked stop on the Garmin ten kilometers after I had left.

Uninjured? Yes. Further than yesterday? Yes. Feeling good? Yes, again.

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 35m

Time: 47:55


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