I flew into Lisbon yesterday with a couple of others on the Cosmo Tech team for the Web Summit.

Or, I should say, I flew in eventually as the flight was very delayed leaving Lyon which meant my 3:00am wake up probably could have been 5:00am without too many issues. Anyway…

After a busy day of work I grabbed some dinner and then settled in for some sleep before rising early this morning to get out and hit the streets for a half hour or so.

The goal as it normally is when running in an unfamiliar city is basically don’t get lost. And, as normally happens, I managed to get lost, just a little bit. Having checked out Strava and Google Maps the night before, I aimed to head to the nearby park of Alameda and run a few loops. It seemed to have a little bit of a rise and some Strava segments so I figured it would be safe enough to run in and interesting, too.

Leaving the hotel I hooked up to the GPS with the watch and got going along the uneven, rather poorly maintained sidewalks leading up to the Alameda park. I noticed coming in yesterday from the Lisbon airport that the infrastructure here is not quite as it is in France and the uneven, potholed, and poorly maintained sidewalks speak to this infrastructure issue as much as the potholed roads do.

Arriving at the park I could see immediately why it was a popular place to run. Essentially it is a u-shaped park with the bottom of the ‘U’ in the center and the two ends rising up at either end. I turned to the right and headed up the first rise, turned at the top and headed all the way back down. The rise up the other side was longer and steeper but good fun, too, and I headed down again and got ready to start the first rise again. The second time around I paused to snap a picture at the top, then did a couple of repeats on a staircase there to keep things interesting and get the heart rate up. A descent, a rise, a descent and another photo, and then I was turning back to the hotel.

I thought I would remember where to turn to get back to the hotel but, sadly, I did not. After running a little too far and turning in the direction I thought the hotel was, I found myself a little lost. No matter: I paused the Garmin and pulled out my phone and double checked where I was on the map. Yep, I had missed the turn by about a kilometer and I needed to loop back. It meant heading up the hill but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t feeling too bad and I was enjoying the exploring.

Eventually I made it back to the hotel, clicked stop on the watch as it rolled over the seven kilometer mark, and headed upstairs to my room to shower and prepare for a big day at the Web Summit.

Distance: 7km

Elevation: 99m

Time: 35:52


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