Up early this morning and with just 20km left to go this week to hit the 80km goal, I was feeling good. Indeed, while the goal this week is to get to that 80km mark, I think with another run plan for the weekend as well as this morning’s effort I will be well over that by the time Sunday evening rolls around. I guess I could have taken it a little easier and just gone out for a shorter run this morning, but after a pleasant rest day yesterday and with a feed of pasta for dinner last night, I was prepared to stretch things out a little.


As the map above attests, there was nothing really interesting about the route I took this morning. After leaving the Presque Isle I headed south-east along one of the major thoroughfares of Lyon, the Cours Gambetta, in the direction of Bron. This is a steady but slight uphill for most of its length which makes going out on fresh legs fun and coming home on more tired legs a little easier. There was little traffic about and what traffic there was didn’t hold me up at any of the dozens of road crossings I made. Indeed, in the out and back route I think I stopped for all of three seconds a single time. Luck, it seemed, was on my side.

I essentially followed the tram line from about the Part Dieu quarter all the way out to the small airport at Bron. I ran a little past the 10km point here so as to be sure to get the 20km I was aiming for in by the time I returned to Jacobins, but then turned and followed my nose home. Not too far from the turn around a young guy was running interval sprints and I heard him catching me up over the sound of the Ten Junk Miles interview I was listening to on my iPod. I lifted my cadence slightly and he never did catch me, I assume more because his interval effort had finished rather than any real speed on my part. Still, this gave me a boost and I tried to hold a slightly faster tempo on the way home so as to manage a negative split for the run. This I managed with an ‘out’ 10K of 49:09 and a ‘back’ 10K of  47:23.

The downhill I expected on the way back was a little more rolling at first but eventually arrived. I kept my cadence up – it was 182 steps per minute overall for this morning’s run which is near perfect – and enjoyed the final push over through Guillotiere, over the bridge, and back to Jacobins. The 80km goal is in the bag and I’m ready for another day of vacation fun with the family.

Distance: 20.1km

Elevation: 92m

Time: 1:37:20


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