I’m in Paris for a few days this week for work and I have to say: I love this city.

I don’t know that I could live here but it’s an amazing place to visit. It’s vibrant, it’s fast, it’s busy, and it’s so beautiful. The Eiffel Tower winking over the tops of buildings, the long boulevards, and cobbled streets, the quarters of the city that seem to be entirely self-contained yet part of a bigger whole at the same time – it’s just amazing.

I think I will always prefer the human size of Lyon. It’s manageable, it’s not as overwhelming, and the pace of life there seems to suit me. Yet Paris is amazing to visit for a few days, to get invigorated again, and to experience a global city if only for a few hours at a time.

It’s not the same feeling as London or New York, it really has a feel of its own. London is busy, too, but a little more proper. New York is…New York: it’s alive, it really never does sleep, and you can do anything there.

Paris feels different: a melting pot of cultures but all contained in a just-so-European box. The architecture, the monuments, the metro, and the street corners – it’s everything combined that assures me that if I had just awoken and looked out the window, I couldn’t imagine that this is any city other than Paris.

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