So this is basically exactly what I didn’t want.

I have been feeling sick the last couple of days so I took yesterday off, and then today didn’t run in the morning either. I waited for the evening when I would leave work and run to meet Jamie at his fencing club. It’s a 6K run so I can count 30 to 35 minutes depending on how I feel, and if it takes me 40 minutes because I’m feeling sick, then so be it.

My head was heavy when I left work but as I closed out the first kilometer just under 5:00 pace I figured the old advice was true: if it is sick above the neck then it’s OK to run; if it’s sick below the neck then don’t head out to exercise. As the cold and flu I seem to have caught is all in my nose and throat, I figured it would be a run where I would have trouble to breathe normally but that I would still get through.

And then just before the second kilometer rolled over I felt a pain in my right leg. It was the front of my lower leg, the same sort of pain – if a milder form – of the injury I picked up in my left leg after the Ultratour du Leman last year. Now I knew from running the Run in Lyon Marathon last year that I could – in some pain – run on with this injury. Certainly I could finish the last 4K to the fencing club, and I know I could run another 35K after that if I really wanted to, just like the marathon last year.

But I am not an idiot, so I slowed down and walked instead. I had to think on my feet and figure out how I would make the meeting with Jamie. After all, I can run the distance I had left in 20-25 minutes but it would take me about 35 minutes to walk it, and that would be if I kept my pace nice and high. If I found myself hurting more 10 minutes later I might have to stop altogether and then I would be late to the kid – not the best look for a parent. So what to do?

I figured the smart move would be to head over the bridge towards Perrache. I knew there was a Velov station there and I could probably grab a bike and make my way to the club on two wheels. If there weren’t any bikes to rent, then I could jump on the metro and be whisked towards the club in the 6th arrondissement in time to collect Jamie as planned, too.

I ended up grabbing a bike on the right bank of the river, crossed back over to the left bank, and got to the club on time. My leg felt fine walking, it felt fine on the bike, and it felt fine getting home again. I’m hoping that, if I stay off it tomorrow, too, it’ll be feeling good on Sunday, too.

Let’s hope so because I really don’t need an injury three weeks out from the first ultra of the year…

Distance: 3.3km

Elevation: 12m

Time: 20:13


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