I had a morning in the office and then, just after lunch, returned home ahead of hours more work this evening. I gave myself a couple of hours in the afternoon to relax, recharge, and do a few family things but, as I rarely have free time during the afternoon in the week, I wanted to get in a short recovery run, too.

Why a recovery run on a Tuesday? A couple of reasons.

In the last four days I’ve run the equivalent of 1100 meters of vertical gain. This is unusual for me as I’m really in base building mode now and hills are an unnecessary (if still enjoyable) detour from the primary goal. A kilometer of climbing up also means about a kilometer of descending, too, and the combination of the two has led to a little bit of delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. It would be nice to spend a few kilometers deep in Zone 2 and run some of that soreness out of my legs.

As well, where I would normally run the Lyon Running Crew’s Wednesday night group run as a mid-week recovery session, I won’t be able to make it this week as Cécile is away and I have to look after Jamie. It’s a shame as I rarely miss the LRC runs save for vacations away and perhaps after a particularly hard race on the weekend before. Hence, as I won’t be recovering on a Wednesday, I could fit it in on a Tuesday instead.

Thirdly, the weather in France right now is freezing with Arctic winds and temperatures descending on Lyon and the rest of the country. Though it is not a lot warmer in the mid-afternoon than the morning, it is slightly warmer and who wants to waste even a little bit of warmth in the middle of a cold snap?

Hence, after some lunch and 90 minutes watching the final episode of the latest season of Sherlock, I suited up and headed out the door with no more than a simple nine or ten kilometers or so in Zone 2, nice and easy, and listening to a little Glenn Beck to keep me amused.

I crossed quickly from the Presque Isle to the left bank of the Rhone and headed for the Parc de la Tete D’Or. I don’t often run in the park but, on a Tuesday afternoon and in cold weather, I hoped that the tree-lined trail around the border of the park would prove both protected from the wind and not too crowded. As it turned out, there were only a handful of people running laps in the park and the trees did a reasonable job of cutting out the wind – nice one!

The route around the park is about four kilometers long and well-trodden by the thousands of runners who visit the park every day. I went with the flow in the counter-clockwise direction though, as ever, there are a handful of people who will run against the flow of traffic, so to speak. Perhaps it is just me but these people always seem to be “look at me” types giving you little choice but to, in fact, look at them. Still, each to their own and anything to break up the circuits, right?

Leaving the park the same way I came in, back down along the Rhone, and then home again, and my weekday afternoon in the park was complete. The legs are still aching a little so perhaps I’l foam roll them a little tomorrow, but overall I am feeling good.

Now for the rest of the work day…

Distance: 9km

Elevation: 34m

Time: 43:38


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