Another short morning run today before what will be a very long day of work at the Web Summit here in Lisbon for Cosmo Tech.

After yesterday morning’s shot at getting lost in an unfamiliar city I decided to make things easier for myself today by mounting something like an out-and-back in the direction of the city center. I didn’t expect all of the hills I encountered but it was a good way to get the heart started before a long day on my feet.

I started from the hotel and headed down the hill at a gentle pace. After less than a kilometer, though, I passed a sleeping dog who immediately awoke and started chasing me. No matter, I thought to myself, I can see the lead attached to his collar and he’ll soon reach the limit of his freedom.

Except the lead wasn’t tied to anything and he was barking, snapping his little dog jaws, and not leaving me alone. Ai ai ai…

Eventually he gave up following me and returned to where he was sleeping before I passed and I continued down the hill on the uneven sidewalks of the city. There weren’t a lot of people out before 6:00am but I passed a few police officers on the way to work and the odd person waiting for the bus, too. Getting to the city center, I tried to keep track of the left and right turns I was making, picking out landmark statues and neon signs so I could find my way back home without resorting to staring at my phone.

In the center I crossed a couple of squares and then headed up a cobbled street lined by nice stores, made a loop around the top of a small hill, and then headed back down to the squares I had passed before. I picked out the statue I had seen on the way into the center, found the store sign that told me this is the good left hand turn to make, and started my way up the hill again.

On the way back up the hill I dropped my speed a little bit but didn’t stop moving or walk. The hill was not quite as steep as the rise up to Fourviere in Lyon but it was consistent and would bite if you were dragging your shopping or a small child by the hand. I passed the Academia Militar (Military Academy) which meant I was getting close to the end…and close to the dog who had bothered me on the way out.

And then there was barking and I made the executive decision to cross the road, pass the dog, and then return to the other side once again so as not to get lost in the final few hundred meters before the hotel. Clicking stop on the Garmin, I headed upstairs for a shower and another big day for the company at Web Summit.

Distance: 5km

Elevation: 94m

Time: 26:46


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