Things are a little complicated in terms of logistics the week: Jamie is on vacation, I am in Paris for a night, and Cécile is headed north for family reasons in a couple of days. It doesn’t make for an easy week training, working, or managing family life, but such challenges come with the territory of trying to manage family, work, and sport, don’t they?

Yet I have a plan.

Knowing that the week is going to be complicated, I’m going to backload the distance this week and leave a much of the mileage for the weekend. The plan is to get in 10K this morning, 10K tomorrow morning, and 10K in Paris on Wednesday morning before heading back to Lyon. Thursday will be a rest day of sorts, and I’ll try and fit in something on Friday evening, if I can. Saturday and Sunday? Yeah, that’s where the big miles are going to be so that I manage to finish with a third consecutive 90-100K week.

This morning’s 10K was not going to be anything super special, essentially an out-and-back to Mulatiere with a staircase thrown in to keep things interesting and make sure I did something that wasn’t entirely flat. I headed out from Jacobins, across the Saone, then turned to the left and headed upriver towards Mulatiere. I had my headlamp on even if it wasn’t necessary for the well-lit sections along the riverbank because I knew that, come the stairs, I would prefer to have a little too much light than not enough.

Reaching the boarding school and then turning right onto the stairs, I started the climb of the morning. There’s always the chance to stop halfway and take the left hand turn for the Lyon Aquarium, but I pushed on to the top, turned around, and then took that same turn (now on the right) to follow the descent to the Aquarium, the bridge, and then back the way I had come.

Nothing super difficult besides the stairs on this run, though the cold and the wind didn’t make for the most comfortable morning. I was soon back among the houses, then beneath the Old City, then turning across the Saone once again and heading for Jacobins. A click on the watch and I was done, the first of the weekly runs complete, and the first part of the plan complete. Here’s hoping the rest of the week will be as smooth!

Distance: 10.4km

Elevation: 90m

Time: 53:03


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