So last night I mentioned I was feeling a little twinge of pain in my left leg. I thought a night of rest would make it feel a little better but, alas, I have woken up this morning and it is still there.

To be honest, it wasn’t hurting a lot during the run and I barely felt anything walking the two hundred meters back home from Celestins after the run. Lying down last night and sitting down to type this, too, doesn’t result in any pain, either. I’m guessing that makes it a minor impact injury of some sort rather than anything muscular. However, it is coming at entirely the wrong time with the Thames Path run just nine days away. It’s time to take some care and get myself to the start line in Windsor feeling good.

The first thing I’ve decided is to keep off the leg a little bit. That means this morning’s 10km run has been cancelled and, instead, I’m writing this. I’ll see how it goes today, then tomorrow during the day, too, and if it is not feeling too bad I’ll head out with the Club on Friday night for a longer, slower session. I really would prefer to have some distance in my legs rather than spending the last ten days doing not much at all, so a hit out on Friday night is probably a good thing.

If there’s no pain on Friday night, then I’ll run a couple of shorter runs on the weekend just to keep my legs turning over. However, if there’s something there, then I’ll dial it back a little more, take the weekend off, and likely knock over the final run before the Thames Path on Wednesday evening as the Club runs the Run in Lyon 10K course as reconnaissance about a three weeks out from race day.

I’m not going to say right now that I am injured because it really feels like nothing at all when I am not moving, and it’s barely there when I am just walking around this morning. However, my experience with injury suggests that it is far better to be safe than sorry, so I’m going to take things a little easier than I otherwise might. I’m really looking forward to the Thames Path run and I don’t want to blow it by arriving at Windsor feeling horrible.

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