With only one race left in the season for me – the night-time winter ultra Saintelyon over 72km in December – I’m starting to think about next year.

I’ve already signed up for my first 24 hour ultra at the challenging Ultra Boucle de la Sarra. I managed 46km on the course last year in six hours and will be pushing for 100-120km over the 24 hours this next year. It’ll be a killer course because of the stairs and the descending, but I’m looking forward to my first all-day ultrarunning experience. That race is in May so I have plenty of time to fill in the early months of the year with another race, and I’m thinking of Saint Fons again.

I ran the Saint Fons 6 hour this year and enjoyed it. I hit my target distance of 60km and, frankly, that sounds a little short after this past month or so of ultrarunning. I think I might shoot for the 12 hour race instead so as to get some experience running in the dark as the runners for the 12 hour race start at 10pm. It will be good practice for the Ultra Boucle that follows a few months later and I have a (rather pathetic) 12 hour result from Ploeren in 2015 that deserves to be set aside with a more respectable distance. I’d be shooting for 110km or around that sort of mark for the 12 hours at Saint Fons and I think this would be a nice progression from the 6 hour this year.

So what else am I thinking about?

How about something a little crazy.

One of the great things about working at The CoSMo Company is that they are big supporters of outside activities, including the Run in Lyon 10K/Half/Full Marathon event. I didn’t run it this year because I had the 100km de la Somme the weekend after and the marathon would have stressed me a little too much during a taper period. That said, I can’t really say I am motivated to run a road marathon, anyway. I’m not going to set a record breaking time and I’m not the sort to commit to speed and interval sessions like I should to improve over that distance.

But what if I could make it an UltraRun in Lyon, instead?

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of running before the Run in Lyon Marathon either on the official course or something more simple like a return trip to Neuville sur Soane. Whatever it ended up being, I could get in 40km between about 3:30am and 7:30am, then join the corrals for the start of the Run in Lyon Marathon and knock over a second 4 to 5 hour marathon with the crowds. I’d settle up the day with 50 miles or more banked, a nice medal, and a chance to hang out with the gang from work, too.

Am I crazy to think that this would be just about the coolest thing ever?

Some more reflection is warranted but it sure would add a different dimension to the Run in Lyon festival and maybe I’d interest a couple of other people in trying it out, too.

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