After a week where finding the time to run was difficult I was looking forward to a couple of hours on my feet today. I had originally planned to go in the afternoon and get some chores and other household tasks out of the way in the morning, but Cécile suggested – and in concurred – that the morning would make a better fit.

My parents were leaving for the return to London at 9am after a week visiting us here in Lyon. I wanted to go with them to the train station where their TGV awaited them and the plan was to go running after that. So, dressed for the trail, I accompanied them to the station, said goodbye and thanked them for taking charge with Jamie this past week, and then headed out for the trail.

The goal was to get two hours or so in at a steady pace. Nothing Earth-shattering and nothing like the last time I set out for a couple of hours and ended up shooting for a half marathon personal best. No, this morning was all about time, tempo, and enjoying the run.


I set out from Gare Part Dieu and headed down towards the Parc de la Tete D’Or as I did earlier in the week. I dropped down onto the trail and ran through the Parc de la Feyssine, then continued along into Vaulx en Velin until the racetrack. Shortly afterwards I crossed over the Rhone and headed back down the other side of the river almost parallel to where I had been running shortly before.

This trail on the right bank of the Rhone is becoming a favorite of mine. It is not entirely flat and it varies between a dirt road, a walking path, and a long section of singletrack. There is never any traffic (including bicycles) and only a few other runners seem to be using it whenever I happen along it. I think it will prove even nicer in summer when the trees and flowers start to bloom a little but even now it feels a long way from the highway on the other side of the river.

I crossed back over to the Parc de la Feyssine and then followed the trail down to the bridge at Cordeliers. Crossing over onto the Presque Isle, I kept moving forward until I passed over the Saone and could run along the bottom of the Old City. A few hundred meters later I crossed back onto the Presque Isle, did a loop around the Hotel de Ville quarter to bring up the 25km distance, and stopped my watch outside the Opera House.

Distance: 25km

Elevation: 67m

Time: 1:54:16


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