The big goal of my ultrarunning year is the Ultratour du Leman in September. It’s 175 kilometers or 108 miles around the Lac Leman in Switzerland, it has a 30 hour time limit, and it is going to be the furthest that I have ever run. It’s a huge challenge, it’s an incredible race, and it is now just 250 days away.

250 days is a long time but in another way it seems so short. When you have 250 days to do something there is always a chance that you’ll blow off the first month or so because, hey, I have more than eight months to get this done, right? I know how easy that would be to do and so I am trying my best to avoid making that choice. Every session counts, every race that I have planned leading up to the Ultratour du Leman is there for a reason, and I keep reminding myself that every kilometer I run now and every hour I get on my feet now is going to help when it comes to that long September race.

I decided last night that my run today would be a post-work effort. I had a big meeting all morning with the company CEO as well as the Executive Chairman for my annual review and I knew that I would benefit from having time to prepare a little in the morning. So, instead of hitting the roads before dawn, I got into work early and then headed out the door from the office at about 5:15pm ready to find a nice route home.

I was about three kilometers into this nice route home and just mounting the Pont Raymond Barre when I realized that I had left my keys at the office. Big deal? Not really, at least not for tonight as Cécile could always let me in with her keys. However I planned to run into work tomorrow morning and, should I be without keys, I’d be standing around in the cold waiting for someone else to arrive to let me in for a shower. Not wanting to stand in the cold, I headed back to the office, grabbed my keys, and set out again.

The second time around I took a more direct route to the Pont Raymond Barre, crossed beneath the Confluence Museum, then headed for the bridge to Mulatiere. After crossing the Saone, I took a straight line for Lyon and enjoyed the riverside run listening to a Ten Junk Miles long run with a couple who had been through the Four Deserts Series – fascinating but not really my type of thing right now.

I finished off passing the Old City, crossing over the footbridge at the Justice Palace, and then clicking stop on the Garmin at Jacobins. It was not the run I set out to enjoy – next time I’ll remember to check I have my keys – but it was a good way to close out a long day.

250 days to go and counting…


Distance: 10.7km

Elevation: 46m

Time: 56:52


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