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Heading back from the off-site work event on Friday I got talking to Philippe, a new hire and part of the Cosmo Tech leadership team with me. He is a runner, too, and lives up near Fourviere and pointed out a trail as we passed back into town suggesting it is worth running. I had a pretty good idea where it was but hadn’t run it before, and so I promised I would give it a go.

Having left my Sunday run until the end of the day and with only about an hour to spare, I decided to do just that.

I left home and headed up the hill to Saint Just. I had already walked up the same hill in the morning with the Ultraboy as we took a bit of exercise, but this time I was running. Not real fast, mind you, but steadily until I got to Saint Just where I turned for the other side of the 5th arrondissement and looked around for the entry to the trail. I found it eventually – well, I found the half way point of the trail eventually – and ran along. Nice recommendation, Philippe, it’s a good one and I think I will be back another time in the daytime to give it a go in full.

I circled back to Valmy and then climbed again to Fourviere before dropping back into the Old City, crossing the bridge, and clicking stop on the watch just after the tenth kilometer had rolled around. It wasn’t the longer run I had hoped for but that was my fault for leaving it to the end of the day. Maybe next weekend I’ll have the timing better arranged to make sure I get in the distance I’m looking for.

Distance: 10.2km
Elevation: 281m
Time: 55:34
Pace: 5:26/km