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After the longer run yesterday morning I took things a little easier today with a post-work run to collect the Ultraboy from the fencing club – with a twist.

It’s not the first time that I’ve run from the office to collect the kid after his class. With fencing lessons on Monday and Friday closing out at 6pm I can usually get up from my desk at 5pm, get changed and packed, and then make the six kilometer run to the fencing club with 15 minutes or so to spare. Today was a little different, though, as I wanted to stop off and grab some flowers for the Ultrawife as she’s been promoted at work! The only problem I faced was that – being a Monday in France – half the small stores are closed so I wasn’t sure if the florists I knew near the fencing club would be open…

Still, to get to the florists and the fencing club, I had to leave the office and follow the river up to the 6th arrondissement. I didn’t push too hard but still managed to turn the legs over quickly enough and was able to hold the sub-5:00 pace I hit for the first kilometer all the way there.

About the three kilometer mark I stopped to snap a picture of a swan that was stretching itself across the path. I figured I wasn’t in so much of a rush that I couldn’t pause for a few seconds to take a snap, and the name inspired the run: a river, a swan…Swanny River, right?

As I stuffed the phone back into my backpack I was passed by a fast moving fella and I thought I would chase him along the berges. It took a couple of minutes to catch him up near the swimming pool, and it took all the length of the pool facility to move past him – he was fairly moving! Eventually, though, I moved ahead and kept the leg speed up to ‘win’ this race that only I knew about. Anything for motivation, right?

Pulling off the riverside path, I crossed over onto the square where I knew there were two florists and – to my luck – one of them was open. A nice bouquet, expertly presented, and I was done for the night. Time to get the Ultraboy, congratulate the Ultrawife, and settle in for a relaxing night.

Distance: 5.3km
Elevation: 14m
Time: 24:59
Pace: 4:45/km