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I’m a fan of podcasts andĀ Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is one of the best.

It is not the most regular of podcasts and, if you are into the ‘every Friday at 2pm’ schedules that some podcasts have, you’re sure to be disappointed. You’re more likely to find it appear in your feed a couple of months after that last one dropped and then be faced with the question of how you’re going to get through four hours of historical storytelling.

My answer to that question is usually ‘on the run’.

I started out the new episode on the weekend when I ran long on Sunday, and then listened a little more yesterday evening on the post-work run. With just under 30 minutes to go on the episode this morning, I planned on finishing it off on the run commute into the office, and finish it off I did.

After getting the Ultraboy safely onto the school bus, I took the direct route to Bellecour, turned over the Rhone (all green lights – bonus!) and then dropped down onto theĀ berges for the race along the river to Cosmo Tech. I wasn’t pushing hard as I listened to the retelling of the attack on Pearly Harbor by the Japanese forces in 1941, and I was a little surprised at the regular rhythm I was putting together. All my splits were about 4:40 or so, and I was happy to be rocking along at a nice pace.

I only had to pause for a few seconds when I got to the Halle Tony Garnier to wait for the lights to change, and then I pushed on through the last 600 meters to the office and headed upstairs for the shower. I had timed it well as the other early bird exercises in the office was a few minutes behind me and I managed to get in and out of the shower before he got to work after his gym session. It’s a little frustrating to arrive hot and sweaty at the office and have to wait ten minutes for the shower – it’s worth kicking it up a notch to get the shower if a tardy school bus sees me leaving a few minutes later than I normally would!

It’s a pretty consistent time for the run in to work on this route. The fastest I’ve done it is just a touch under 21 minutes, and I’ve never taken longer than just under 25 minutes. Whether I’m on form or not, tired or not, I can usually count on a 22-24 minute commute which, while I arrive sweaty and in need of a shower, is still a little bit quicker than the combined metro + tram + walk option. Nice, huh?

Distance: 4.8km
Elevation: 15m
Time: 22:13
Pace: 4:38/km