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In a little less than two weeks time it is the first hit out of the season for 2019: Lurdunum.

This is an annual fat ass run hosted by the Lyon Ultra Run club which traces a route up and down the hills of the city, through the traboules and back streets, and onto some of the trails that are hidden around the city. This year I am playing the role of a monitor, helping guide the 250 runners through the streets and keeping everyone safe. As a result, we got together this morning for a run-through of the course – it is kept secret from the runners before the night! – and I got a nice long, hilly run in.

Strava being what it is, sharing the run on there would mean a whole lot of people would find out where the run is going to be well before the run kicks off. Hence, though I recorded the run on my watch and uploaded it to Strava, I had to set the privacy level to ‘Only Me’ so that nothing leaks. As well, I can’t really write too much about it here except to mention a few things based on the Lyon Ultra Run description:

Le parcours ne sera pas dévoilé à l’avance, tu le découvrira le jour J : nous aimons bien les surprises et il y en aura ! De l’inédit dans l’histoire des balades urbaines lyonnaises. La trace fait 25 km et 600 m de dénivelé positif. Nous n’atteindrons pas le kilomètre positif cette année mais qu’on se le dise, le parcours concocté par notre compère Nicolo est toujours aussi galbant et raffermissant ! Compte 4 à 5 heures de balade avec les pauses. Cela dit, tu n’es pas obligé de faire l’intégralité du parcours …


The route will not be revealed in advance, you will discover it on D-day: we like surprises and there will be some! A first in the history of Lyon’s urban walks. The track is 25 km long and 600 m of climbing. We will not reach 1000m climbing this year but let’s face it, the course concocted by our friend Nicolo is still as shapely and testing as ever! Count 4 to 5 hours of running including breaks. That said, you don’t have to do the entire course…

Is it about 25K long? Yes!

Is there 600 meters of climbing? Yes!

Did it take 4-5 hours? Not this morning, but with the aid station and the regrouping breaks, I think it will take about 4.5 hours on the night.

Overall it’s a great course, mostly runnable, and there were a few sections I did not know and will be keen to explore again soon. I’m looking forward to playing my part on the night on 1 February!

Distance: At least 25km
Elevation: At least 600 meters
Time: Long enough
Pace: Fast enough