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The Ultrawife and I returned from our honeymoon yesterday evening and I was back to work this morning, bright and early. I had a long day ahead of me and, with the Ultraboy spending the week with us but without school, I wanted to be sure to be able to leave the office on time at the end of the day. Thus, as I got in early and didn’t complete a run in the morning and as I wouldn’t be running in the evening, I hoped to be able to squeeze in a quick recovery run in at lunchtime and keep the 2019 run streak going (2 days!).

I didn’t want to go a long way but I did want to make sure I avoided crossing too many roads. Crossing roads means stopping for traffic and eating up the precious lunch hour doing nothing but getting cold in today’s strong wind. I left the office, headed down to the river, crossed the bridge and then, instead of negotiating the strange intersection on the Saint Foy/Mulatiere border, looped under the bridge to emerge on the other side. It’s something like a reverse of the last part of the Saintelyon course, and it means I still have to cross a road but it’s a quiet one, and I didn’t even drop my drop my stride to do so.

A slight rise, and then I was onto the not-so-recovery friendly climb up the stairs at Saint Foy. Strava tells me I have run this staircase 27 times now and today’s effort was decidedly average at 3:06. Indeed, it is almost the definition of average as it is the 13th fastest time I have done those stairs over the last two years, but I was in no mood to shoot for a PR under my current personal best of 2:50. There are other days for that sort of thing – today was about recovering a little and fitting in a run and a shower before I headed back to my desk.

I stopped at the top to reply to a text from the Ultrawife (she’s grabbing me some veggies for dinner tonight) and then I took the looping descent back to where I started, crossed over the bridge a little more directly (traffic lights were in my favor so I jumped at the short cut!) and then headed back to round out the run at the supermarket close to work. A couple of items, and then back for a shower, and the end of the first day back at work in the New Year.

2019: so far, so good.

Distance: 5.2km
Elevation: 109m
Time: 27:08
Pace: 5:11/km