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It’s a strange sort of day in the office today. I have meetings in the morning and then, after a lunch break, I have meetings and conference calls all afternoon, and into the evening, too. The problem, though, is that things are getting so busy around the office that there isn’t a conference room available for the important calls I have to be on. Sure, there is space in some common areas, but I really need to be able to concentrate and deliver good presentations, and ask good questions. Hence, today the ‘day in the office’ is really a ‘half day in the office’ and I’ll work out of the home office in the afternoon to get everything aligned and sorted.

Still, a half day in the office means a chance to get a run commute in to start the day. I suited up after rising at 5:30am, and was out the door just before 6:00am feeling relaxed and wrapped up against the cold. Gloves, a head wrap, a jacket…and it turned out not to be all that cold. Save for the jacket, I shed all the other cold weather gear about ten minutes into the commute as I warmed up. There was a light mist of a rain storm to run through but it wasn’t all that cold – it was pleasant, even.

I snapped a photo of the Confluence Museum as I passed, and headed up the stairs next to the Rhone to race the tram past the Halle Tony Garnier and close out the commute. Between four and five kilometers, not too fast and not too slow, and a quick shower before starting the day. Should be a good one, even if it’s a little out of the ordinary for this desk monkey. 

Distance: 4.7km
Elevation: 18m
Time: 23:19
Pace: 4:57/km