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Most of the work crowd was back at work today and so there were many rounds of ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Best Wishes’ and all the other cheerful New Year stuff. But there was also work, and it started early for me with a 7am appointment with a full email inbox and meetings, content creation, and form writing until noon. I took a quick break for lunch – I had brought courgettes and onions cooked up the day before at home – and then I was back into it: goal setting, goal aligning, planning, strategizing, and an out-of-the-office meeting for me and my team.

When the final meeting ended at about 4:30pm and with more work calls to make tonight from home, I decided enough had been achieved for the day and I was ready to get out the door. A change of clothes, a backpack to carry everything home, and I was out the door and ready for the run of the day.

I left the office, crossed over the Rhone and then the Saône, and found myself at the foot of Saint Foy. I skipped on the staircase today and instead passed in front of the Aquarium to make my way along the s-bend to the top of the village. It’s a reasonable climb and not one that is all that kind after a day sitting down, but I got through it and was happy to start running the slight downhill back towards Lyon. 

Approaching the limits of the city, I was held up for a couple of minutes by the traffic lights, but then it was q fast descent off the hill to the base of another, steeper one. It’s a slog up to Saint Just but it is one that I have done a few times now and it breaks up an otherwise long and fast descent with something a little more challenging. At Saint Just, I followed my nose down into the Old City, dodged a couple of people with absolutely no spatial awareness on the sidewalk, and crossed the Saône once again to finish things off back close to home. 45 minutes on my feet, and ready for dinner before the workday continues once more…

Distance: 8.5km
Elevation: 176m
Time: 44:31
Pace: 5:14/km