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I’m back from the run right now, showered, and drinking coffee listening to Greg Gutfeld’s podcast as I type. It’s an early start for me today, at least in comparison to the vacation we just took, as I’m heading to a work off-site meeting for the next couple of days. The timing for the company is perfect as it is at the start of the year and the best time to get everyone aligned on goals for the coming quarter, half, and year. For me, though, it means missing a night with the Ultraboy which is a shame as he’s enjoying his last vacation days and we have quite a Lego project coming along.

In any case, the off-site means the chance of getting a run in at lunchtime is basically zero, and the chance of running tonight after what will likely be a late dinner is also pretty slim. Hence, if I wanted to continue the streak (3 days – hahahaha!) I would have to get my butt out of bed and hit the roads before leaving for the off-site.

And so I did.

I wasn’t feeling all that great because despite getting some good sleep, my right shin was little sore. Not sure why, but no need to push it if things hurt. A gentle, slower run would be fine and I could always slow down more if I felt too sore. I got the watch started, pointed myself towards the Hotel de Ville, and headed out into the cold.

I was listening to podcasts which – thankfully – all seem to be back after the Christmas break. I got through The Indicator before I ducked into the tunnel beneath Croix-Rousse, and then had Planet Money come on to continue the economics theme. I headed down to Vaise, crossed the bridge over the Saône, and then turned back towards Valmy where I would start the hill of the morning to Fourviere.

I took my time going up the hill and din’t work too hard. My shin wasn’t giving me any issues, but not every run has to be a 4:30 pace high-intensity effort, right? At the top of the hill I followed the road around to Saint Just, descended down to the Old City, and then crossed the Saône again to head back to the Place des Jacobins. With about 9.5km on the GPS at this point, I threw in a final loop of the block to bring up the 10km mark, and then clicked stop to head inside, get warm again, and get ready for the day. I’m looking forward to the discussions ahead but looking forward more to getting back to the Ultrawife and the Ultraboy when it’s all over tomorrow night.

Distance: 10km
Elevation: 154m
Time: 56:50
Pace: 5:41/km