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The off-site meeting started early and ended late.

Despite the team staying in the same Chateau in which we met during the day – or perhaps because of that – we didn’t finish up dinner until after 11pm and didn’t get to bed before midnight. It made for an early start this morning after not a lot of sleep, but I wouldn’t get a chance to run here in the Beaujolais or fit in a run if I waited until the evening and our return to Lyon.

The wind was ripping through the trees outside my door when I left my room, and it didn’t let up as I left the village of Bagnols and headed along a small country road in search of the next village, Frontenas. I didn’t really have a plan of where to go and had decided the night before to simply go from village to village on the assumption that they are pretty close together in this part of the world.

After Frontenas, I set my sights on a village I could see on the top of a nearby hill. I figured it would be a couple of kilometers to the village, and if I turned around there I could find my way back to the Chateau and a warm shower out of the freezing wind without an issue. I followed the road, took a left-hand fork because it seemed to be heading up instead of down, and after some twists and turns, I was in the village of Theizé.

The village seemed nice, the view (or as much as I could see of the valleys around in the dark) was nice, but it was too cold to stick around for long and so I turned for home. I followed the same route back to Frontenas, and then followed a signpost to the right for a loop back to the village of Bagnols, hoping that when I arrived in the village itself it wouldn’t be too hard to find the Chateau.

And I was right!

I snapped a couple of photos, and then headed inside. I was cold, but refreshed, and ready to go for another big day of work.

Distance: 8.2km
Elevation: 169m
Time: 42:50
Pace: 5:14/km