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I’ve got a couple of decent runs planned for the weekend so all I was really aiming for with this evening’s effort was a chance to let out the stress of the week and listen to a good podcast. Lucky for me I got out of the office on time, was out on the road ready to run shortly after, and the latest episode of Ten Junk Miles dropped during the afternoon – perfect!

I headed out along the Saone heading upriver and not quite sure where I would end up. I know I wanted to do about 50 to 60 minutes and I also knew I didn’t want it to be too hilly as, come Sunday, I would be hitting a LOT of hills and stairs. I considered an out and back along the river, considered looping back down to Perrache, but finally I pegged for the slight rise up the side of the hill to the cemetery and then fitting in some additional distance on Croix Rousse somewhere.

The somewhere, it turned out, was the running track at Duplat.

It’s not the first time I have run there but it is the first time in a long time that I’ve been running past the gate of the track when it was still open. Generally early in the morning the place is locked up, and later in the evening it is, too. About 6:30pm, though, and all is good, so I headed onto the track for about two kilometers a little over halfway through the run. The track itself is only 200 meters around so it is easy to pick up a rhythm and keep it. You are lapping every 50 seconds or so, and with the podcast on I settled into a nice old pace and held it.

I managed ten laps (fastest at 0:50, slowest at 0:57, and most between 0:52 and 0:55) before pulling back out to the road and taking the descent down into the city center. A little bit of negotiating the pedestrians crowding the sidewalk, dodging a couple of cars and the odd electric scooter, and I clicked stop near the Monoprix to go and find some Asian food for dinner – bon appetit!

Distance: 10.7km
Elevation: 88m
Time: 52:04
Pace: 4:53/km