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I was in at work this morning at 6:45am.


My last meeting ended at 6:30pm.

Ouch again.

I had planned in advance to run home from work and then run in again tomorrow morning, hoping to get in 10km or more each way. Yet as my last meeting didn’t finish until late and then – after getting changed and ready to go – it was about 6:45pm, I wasn’t going to be able to fit in the slightly slower, slightly longer route home via the hill at Saint Foy and Fourviere.

And so I called the Ultrawife, told her I would be heading home a little more directly, and started out the door.

Now if I run straight home it’s about five kilometers or so. That would be fast but I wanted something a little longer. So, to get started, I headed into the Parc de Gerland for a two kilometer loop down to and along the river. At the Pont Raymond Barre I crossed over the river and followed the land until it, well, ran out…and then I turned back and followed the Saone upriver towards home. 

There were more than a few other runners out in the cool (but not freezing) early evening. I passed a couple, and nodded hello to a couple more coming he other way as I wound towards Confluence. Feeling good and keeping a nice steady tempo pace, I ran around the marina and then back to the river again. I figured it was about 2.5K back to home now, and I set out to finish off what would be about an eight kilometer route back home.

When I got into the city center, I crossed the Saone again at Saint George, then followed my nose down to the courthouse. I only had to stop for traffic at the Pont Napoleon, and then I finished off with the footbridge back to the second arrondissement and the last couple of hundred meters to the Place des Jacobins…and I was done.

Distance: 8.7km
Elevation: 36m
Time: 42:37
Pace: 4:53/km