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After Christmas at Mar Hall outside of Glasgow we headed north to the shores of the Loch Lomond for a couple of days in nature. The Ultrawife repainted almost immediately to the bed to relax after the voyage but I wanted to get a run in even if the sun was quickly going down…mid-afternoon! Come on, Scotland, help us out a bit with the daylight, will ya?

I took the advice of the Ultrawife (who had visited once before) and the receptionist at the hotel (who was a local) and followed my nose around the edge of the Loch. I figured if I did an out and back, I wouldn’t get too lost. I wouldn’t be going too fast on account of the trail (rocky, narrow), the daylight (missing, I was running by headlamp), and the fact that I was feeling a little tired, too.

The route I took was a little bit of everything. It started with some road until I got to the end of the path where I turned to the right and started along a rocky, slippery, lakeside trail. There were some ups and downs, tree roots to negotiate, and a couple of small streams to bound over. Not too long after that, though, I hit the beach, running on the hard sand until I was forced down to the water’s edge where the sand was softer and the going a little harder. I leaped over a stream emptying into the lake, and then kept moving forward along what I would come to learn was the West Highland Way.

I had to jump back onto small roads for a minute, then found a trail to the left that I followed until about the 4K point where I decided to turn around head for home. Heading back, though, I took a different path and headed along the main road back towards Belmaha where our cottage was. This meant an easier time under foot but there was a big hill between me and the hot shower waiting for me, and I needed to scale it. Eventually, though, I got over the top and headed down the steep slope down to the village, and then back home again. Easy!

Distance: 7.2km
Elevation: 79m
Time: 38:03
Pace: 5:15/km