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A short run today but it was not unenjoyable.

After a busy day at work I managed to get things sorted to finish at 5pm. The Ultraboy needed to be collected from his fencing club on the other side of the city, a nice even six kilometers along the Rhone river from where I was. The plan was to get changed, load everything up in my backpack, and head along the river for about half an hour to arrive in time to see him finish his session before heading for home together.

I managed to get changed a little quicker than I thought I might and, out the door I headed…into the rain. I didn’t think it would be raining but, as I had not actually left the building since arriving just after 8am this morning, I had nothing to base that assumption on other than blind hope. Still, I had a jacket in my bag and it wasn’t all that heavy, so I made sure anything the water would impact was tucked down deep in the bag, stuffed my phone into a waterproof pocket on the jacket, and started off towards the other side of town with water bouncing off my face.

The run along the river was nice, though, and not too crowded. It was not heavy rain, it was even pleasant, and it wasn’t all that cold. There were others out, including a group of six who seemed to be enjoying it, and their smiles made it easier to continue along the path towards the Ultraboy and his club.

Not everyone was enjoying the rain, though. Passing under one of the bridges I noticed a runner hiding out. They looked dry which, I guessed, meant they had probably been taking cover for at least twenty minutes or so by the time I arrived there. She gave me a friendly smile and I smiled back, but didn’t stop: I had the Ultraboy to meet and while I wasn’t behind schedule, I didn’t want to dawdle.

Nearing the Pont Morand, I pulled up onto the street level again, and then wound my way along the roads towards the fencing club. I know this area very well, and I know what traffic lights are serious and which can be considered more like suggestions, especially when traffic is light. I did have to stop for a minute at the Avenue Foch, but other than that I managed to keep moving the whole time. I rounded out the 6 kilometer run in just under 30 minutes, a nice running commute, if a wet one, too.

Distance: 6km
Elevation: 11m
Time: 29:30
Pace: 4:54/km