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Christmas Day dawned nice and clear near Glasgow as we awoke at Mar Hall for the big day. We had a big lunch planned and a comfortable location to pass the time, but I wanted to get a run in all the same – I was streaking through this vacation and I didn’t want to breakout just yet!

I headed out on the same trail as yesterday and found, to my pleasant surprise, that the route was little easier to manage when the fog and the dark had lifted. Instead of being lost on the golf course, I ran all the way to the gate, got through it and locked it again, and then followed the trail all the way along the river.

There’s a little bit of up and down here and the Ultrawife and I had hiked the same trail in the morning to whet our appetites for the big Christmas Day lunch. Still, I didn’t lose my pace all that much and ducked under the bridge at Erskine, followed the path into the woods, and then turned back for home. Though it was starting to get dark, I didn’t lose sight of the trail and easily found my way back to the Manor at Mar Hall once again. I managed to round off the tenth kilometer in the car park, hit stop on the watch, and made my way back to our top-floor room via the central hall, probably frightening a couple of the families relaxing on the couches there post-lunch. 

That was their way of aiding the digestion, and I had mine, too.

Distance: 10km
Elevation: 40m
Time: 47:45
Pace: 4:46/km