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It’s a rainy day in Lyon today which didn’t do much for my motivation to get out the door and run. Oh, sure, I don’t mind running in the rain all that much on a normal day but with some travel on the agenda for the Christmas vacation, I don’t really want to be carting wet shoes in a bag across the country.

Pulling on dry shoes and hitting wet streets? No problem,

Pulling on wet shoes on a perfectly fine day? That’s more than a little annoying.

I spent the morning, then, doing other things, had a good lunch, settled in for a couple of episodes from an early season of Law and Order: SVU and then – when the rain had stopped for a few minutes – decided the time was right to try and sneak in a quick circuit of the city. I was under strict instructions to drop by the bakery on the way home and collect the Ultrawife a cookie (they are fabulous, she tells me) and so with a couple of wins clinking in a hip pocket and Ten Junk Miles in my ears, I set off hoping not to get too wet.

Down to the river, follow my nose towards Vaise, and then decide what to do – this was the plan. I could double back on the other side of the river for a nice 7 or 8 kilometers, or head down to Perrache before turning back for home to make it more like 10 kilometers. Instead of the flats, though, I decided a little climb might be nice and took a street to the left to head up the hill next to the cemetery at Croix Rousse. 

It’s a tough hill, or at least for me it is tough, but it ends with a flat couple of hundred meters to recover on before either heading left to Caluire and Cuire or right to go back into Lyon. I turned to the right and moved back to the Boulevard, turning right to make the smooth descent down to the city center again before crossing behind Terreaux and turning down the Rue de la Republique.

I wanted to finish things off at the Nike Store to see whether they have anything in a road shoe that is like the light trail shoe I have been running in for the last three or four years, the Terra Kiger. The salesperson was nice and recommended a couple, but none of them really seemed as wide as the Terra Kiger and that space at the front is what I really like. I’ll stick with what I’ve got for the moment, then, and keep my eyes open for something similar if it pops up on i-Run or the Nike website.

Last stop: the bakery to collect the Ultrawife’s cookie. I grabbed a baguette, too, and got home before it started to rain once again – perfect timing for a winter’s day in Lyon, one where the roads are pretty full of people trying to get away early for the vacation week and pretty light on for runners.

Distance: 8.5km
Elevation: 87m
Time: 42:07
Pace: 4:57/km