I am sore.

The front of my lower right leg is hurting and, despite icing it on the couch yesterday evening and giving it some rest overnight, it was still hurting a little this morning. I would have preferred to run in the evening and given the leg another 12 hours ot rest, but that appeared impossible with the family commitments I have. After four weeks of building up, this is my less-heavy week so I wasn’t concerned about not getting a long run in because of an injury. However, I still wanted to do something and not set myself on a path where I began to lose the form I have worked to get.

I settled on a short run close to home – and when I say ‘close to home’ I mean it. I think at the most distant point I was about 90 seconds or so from my front door. Essentially, I ran circuits of the Place Croix Pacquet, with the only obstacle being the set of stairs running from the bottom of the Place to the Montee Saint Sebastien.


It was raining when I set out and it continued for the first ten minutes or so before stopping. This made the ground slippery in parts, but not overly so. The short set of steps running down to the metro station at Croix Pacquet were a little dicey, but the run up the stairs 30 seconds later was fine. I saw a handful of people going about their early morning work: cleaners, city workers, sanitation workers, and the odd commuter getting an early start to the week, too. Mostly, though, I ran in the dark and alone, and up steps.

My leg was hurting from about the third kilometre and I decided that I would push on to finish climbing the 180 stairs from bottom to top ten times. By the tenth circuit I was really in a bit of pain, but I threw in a final lap just to assure myself it could be done. Eleven circuits of 180 steps for 1980 steps, and then another 36 up the short flight of stairs back to my street. A total of 2016 stairs for the morning – quite appropriate for this New Year, no?

Distance: 5.6km

Elevation: 223m

Time: 38:29


Image by Morten.

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