Back in January I wrote:

The big goal of my ultrarunning year is the Ultratour du Leman in September. It’s 175 kilometers or 108 miles around the Lac Leman in Switzerland, it has a 30 hour time limit, and it is going to be the furthest that I have ever run. It’s a huge challenge, it’s an incredible race, and it is now just 250 days away.

Then, as February came to and end, I reflected:

So today is another milestone in the 2017 season. No, not an ultra run or a race or distance milestone – something much more simple. Today marks 200 days before I toe the start line at the big target of the season, the Ultratour du Leman in Switzerland. While 200 days seems like a long time, it really isn’t. It’s a little more than six months to get everything organised, to make sure I have done the requisite training, and to get myself to the starting line uninjured and in the best shape I can be in order to have a good race. In between now and then I’ll have other races, other tests, and a whole lot of running to do, but I visualise this race every day, I think about this race every run, and I am getting my head towards a place where the +100 mile course no longer looms as an impossible task but a significant though still surmountable challenge.

Today I’m fifty days closer to the start line in Switzerland as my countdown reaches 150 days to go…

I’m still on vacation here in London with the folks and, after yesterday’s shakeout run post-Saint Fons 12 Hour, I was ready to push it a little further once again. Not too much further, mind you, but just enough to know my body is getting back on track after the weekend’s efforts. I decided that about 10 to 12 kilometers would be perfect, about an hour on my feet, and a finish at the coffee shop for a nice dose of morning caffeine.

I headed out along the rollers next to the main road. I was a little earlier than yesterday but the air was not quite as chilly as the wind was blowing a little less. After about three kilometers or so I took a right turn, made a quick out and back up and down some more rollers, and then took a right turn on the hilly route back towards the center of Northwood. Arriving back in town with a couple of kilometers still to run, I made a final lollipop loop around the rollers near the village center, and then closed things out perfectly in front of Costa Coffee as the 10K mark rolled over.

A large Americano, please, and a seat on which to reflect on the 150 days ahead…

Distance: 10km

Elevation: 125m

Time: 51:41


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