Run in Lyon Marathon

My first road marathon on a dodgy left leg?
I would finish but it would be damn painful.

Ultratour du Leman

My first shot at a hundred mile race in Switzerland.

Sri Chinmoy 50K

It was very hot and I started too fast. A recipe for disaster? Almost…

Ultra Boucle de la Sarra 24 Hour

I ran all day and all night for more than 100km and added 5000 vertical meters of stairs. Yeah, it hurt.

Saint Fons 12 Hour

More than 1700 kilometers in training over 150 hours and 11,000 meters in vertical gain all came down to one half-day in Saint Fons – and I delivered.

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Run in Lyon Marathon

The normal progression for a runner goes something like this: a 5K, a 10K, step up to a half marathon, work up to a marathon, and then maybe (if your brain is a little different to the rest...) start thinking about an ultramarathon. In my own running history things...

Most of The Beatles

It's always amused me that there are three churches right across the river that share names with three of the The Beatles: John (St Jean), Paul (St Paul), and George (St Georges). Sadly, there is no Saint Ringo or I'd be able to make a Fab Four footing, so to speak -...

Recovery Over

The first time I ran an ultramarathon I ran for seven hours and took a week off afterwards. On the weekend I ran for a little more than 25 hours and now - three days later - I'm back on my feet and running again. I guess that the longer you run in this crazy sport the...

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The Democrat Delusion

In her book about the 2016 US presidential election Hillary Clinton lays out a lot of reasons for her loss. There were the Russians and their $100,000 spend on Facebook in an election where $2 billion was spent on convincing voters what box to tick. There was James...

The Oldest Hatred is Alive and Well

On October 2nd the Prime Minister of France gave a speech: French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced "a new plan to combat antisemitism" during a speech at Paris’s Buffault Synagogue. Speaking at a ceremony on Monday following the Jewish New Year, Philippe said...

Hillary on Harvey

Hillary Clinton has weighted in on the whole Harvey Weinstein mess while taking interviews in the UK. Here's what she told the BBC: I think it’s important that we not just focus on him and whatever consequences flow from these stories about his behavior but that we...