Monthly Review: February 2017

The second month of the year is done and the training is still going according to plan.

All the Stats

Town and Tube 100K

Running in circles in Lyon on a sunny winter’s day to close out the first 100K ultra run of the year.

Race Report


The first Fat Ass of the season: 22K, 1200m of vertical gain, and almost every staircase in Lyon.

Race Report

2017 Race Calendar

Here’s where I’ll be racing in the next year – everything from Fat Ass runs to my first +100 miler.

The List


72km in the cold and dark, fighting through the mud, and emerging a finisher on the other side.

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Ultra Boucle de la Sarra 6 Hour

Down a ski slope. Over cobblestones. Up 563 stairs. Through a park. Repeat for 6 hours.

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Latest Runs

Three Weeks Out

I was feeling really flat before this run. I mean really flat. Call it being tired, call it fatigue, call it whatever - I just wasn't feeling good. Cécile suggested I give the run a miss and instead just get some rest but I know that generally I feel better after a...

Rainy Runcommute

Running home from work the last couple of days has meant I have been able to squeeze in some miles at either end of the day but it has also meant that there are a bunch of clothes sitting in the office that need to come home. Included in that bunch of clothes are my...

Missing Richard Simmons

I had a late afternoon briefing call with a colleague to talk with an analyst from Silicon Valley at work and, when it was drawing to a close, I looked up at the window and realized that the noises I had been hearing outside weren't workers at the building site across...

Other Posts

Late Season Races

My early season races are all set: I'll be racing the Saint Fons 12 Hour in just three weeks time and the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra 24 Hour about a month after that. My goal race for the season is also set for September: the 175K Ultratour du Leman. Assuming I get...

Walking and Ultrarunning

One of the things that is important in ultrarunning is spending time on your feet. Not only do you have to be used to running long periods, you also have to be prepared for just being out there for long periods, moving towards a finish line or a time limit, making the...

Nutrition – March: Week 3

Another week of tracking my nutrition and sticking to the No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) and largely ketogenic or low carb approach. Things continue to hum along nicely and I'm feeling good, though there were a couple of days this week that threw me around a little based...

Countdown to Ultratour du Leman 175K