Monthly Review: February 2017

The second month of the year is done and the training is still going according to plan.

All the Stats

Town and Tube 100K

Running in circles in Lyon on a sunny winter’s day to close out the first 100K ultra run of the year.

Race Report


The first Fat Ass of the season: 22K, 1200m of vertical gain, and almost every staircase in Lyon.

Race Report

2017 Race Calendar

Here’s where I’ll be racing in the next year – everything from Fat Ass runs to my first +100 miler.

The List


72km in the cold and dark, fighting through the mud, and emerging a finisher on the other side.

Race Report

Ultra Boucle de la Sarra 6 Hour

Down a ski slope. Over cobblestones. Up 563 stairs. Through a park. Repeat for 6 hours.

Race Report

Countdown to Ultratour du Leman 175K








Latest Runs

200 Days to Go

So today is another milestone in the 2017 season. No, not an ultra run or a race or distance milestone - something much more simple. Today marks 200 days before I toe the start line at the big target of the season, the Ultratour du Leman in Switzerland. While 200 days...

City of Lions

It's no surprise that the city I call home, Lyon, has as the symbol of the city the lion. Lyon. Lion. Get it? Anyway, I thought I would mix up my run today by taking a run that would include some of the more famous lions around the city. I don't know how many there...

Sunday Session

The goal for this week was to get in 90 kilometers, mostly of easy running. After the 100K last weekend, I didn't need to push hard and I just wanted to break back into the rhythm of daily running. This I managed and, with a double on Wednesday and a longer run...

Memory Lane

The plan this morning was to get a couple of hours of steady-paced distance in before returning home to clean up and await the return of Jamie from the ski slopes. Cécile isn't feeling all that great and would be staying in bed and so I was able to leave things a...

1000K Since Christmas

With the 140km completed between Boxing Day and New Years Eve added to the 857km completed between New Years Day and the end of yesterday's run, I started this morning with a total of 997km banked since returning from our Christmas trip to Picardie. Stepping out the...

So Nice I Ran It Twice

I didn't have the best night's sleep last night and eventually felt my alarm go off at 4:30am. It didn't occur to me that I hadn't set the alarm for 4:30am (it was set for 4:50am) but I got out of bed anyway. A bad night's sleep can be overcome with a good morning...

Other Posts

Core Exercises: Week 3

The third week of daily core exercises is complete and I am still meeting my daily goals. Well, almost. For the first time this month I missed a day of core exercises when ran the Town and Tube 100K on Saturday. I didn't give myself enough time to complete them in the...

Training Block Two

With the first ultra distance run out of the way for the year, it's time to reflect on what I achieved and whether I hit the targets I had set for myself. On Friday I wrote about the four goals that I wanted to hit in the Saturday run. Looking them over now, I feel...

Countdown: Town and Tube

So this time tomorrow morning I'll be running the first loop of the sixteen loops of the Town and Tube fat ass ultra. If all goes to plan then I'll stop running a little less than 16 hours later with one hundred kilometers banked and the first ultra run of the year...

NSNG and Ultrarunning

Since returning from Christmas in Picardie and beginning this current block of training leading up to the Town and Tube in just two days time I have been sticking to a strict No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG) diet. After a couple of rough days and a week or more of running...

Planning and Planks

In these last three days before the Town and Tube 100K Fat Ass I'm taking some time off my feet and getting myself prepared for the first ultra run of the year. It makes a change not to be out and running at 5am after fifty consecutive days of running since returning...

Core Exercises: Week 2

The second week of daily core exercises is complete and I am still meeting my daily goals. You'll recall - or you might if you caught the blog post a week ago - that I have set myself the target of being able to complete 200 crunches and four 1-minute planks by the...