Saint Fons 12 Hour

More than 1700 kilometers in training over 150 hours and 11,000 meters in vertical gain all came down to one half-day in Saint Fons – and I delivered.

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Monthly Review: March

I ran 500km but injury struck late in the month…

Here's what happened

Town and Tube 100K

Running in circles in Lyon on a sunny winter’s day to close out the first 100K ultra run of the year.

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The first Fat Ass of the season: 22K, 1200m of vertical gain, and almost every staircase in Lyon.

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2017 Race Calendar

Here’s where I’ll be racing in the next year – everything from Fat Ass runs to my first +100 miler.

The List


72km in the cold and dark, fighting through the mud, and emerging a finisher on the other side.

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Latest Runs

Zipper Run

One of the hassles of flying halfway around the world is that the jet lag is very real. It means having a bad time on arrival sometimes (see yesterday's run in San Francisco) and it means waking at times that are far from ideal for work for a couple of days. Those...

Jet Lagged

So I was too ambitious today. I flew into San Francisco this afternoon which meant getting up at 2am, leaving the house at 3am, flying to Amsterdam and then flying across the north Atlantic to the US west coast. And then I decided to go for a run. Not smart. I took...

Transition Day

Jamie and I returned from some time in London yesterday. It's great to be back in Lyon, seeing Cécile, and feeling the comfort that comes from knowing that you understand the city, the way it lives and breathes, and the way things work. Even if they might have been...

Other Posts

Nutrition – April: Week 3

Another week of tracking my nutrition and a couple of interesting points to discuss: the pre-, intra-, and post-race fueling of an ultramarathon without carbohydrates, and taking the NSNG (No Sugar, No Grain) and keto show on the road to yet another country, this time...

Goals for the Ultra Boucle

The next race on my schedule and the last race in the first part of my season is the Ultra Boucle de la Sarra (UBS). It will be the second year that I am running this local ultra and I am really looking forward to the unique challenge of the race and the ways it will...

Tired and Sore

OK, I'll admit it: my post-race activities weren't necessarily the ideal choice for an ultrarunner. To begin with, only a few hours after finishing I was meant to be squeezed into a train and shooting myself towards Paris, and then on to London to spend a week away...

Countdown to Ultratour du Leman 175K