Sri Chinmoy 50K

It was very hot and I started too fast. A recipe for disaster? Almost…

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Monthly Review: May

I climbed more than 9000 meters, ran a 24 hour race, and then took two weeks off. This wasn’t a typical month…

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Ultra Boucle de la Sarra 24 Hour

I ran all day and all night for more than 100km and added 5000 vertical meters of stairs. Yeah, it hurt.

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Saint Fons 12 Hour

More than 1700 kilometers in training over 150 hours and 11,000 meters in vertical gain all came down to one half-day in Saint Fons – and I delivered.

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Town and Tube 100K

Running in circles in Lyon on a sunny winter’s day to close out the first 100K ultra run of the year.

Race Report

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Summer Rain

I woke up to a phone displaying a new automated task on my Todoist list for the day: bring an umbrella - it's going to rain. Thumbs up for the automation kicking in nicely, but thumbs down for the weather? Nah, not at all. In fact, the light rain I was running in this...

Rat Race

I didn't think that yesterday's effort on Fourviere was all that hard on my legs but, nonetheless, when I got out of bed this morning I felt a little soreness in my legs. Not a lot, mind you, just a little, and I took it as a reminder that sometimes running downhills...


Up early again and out the apartment door heading for the hills. Well, hill, anyway. I decided this morning that it was time to run a couple of uphills and so I looked to the west, took in Fourviere, and said 'that's for me'. Sort of. I started off heading up the...

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Review: Cars 3

Today I went a preview screening of Cars 3 with Jamie. It was a movie he had been hanging out to see for months now but which, truthfully, I didn't know all that much about. Part of this was because I had never seen either Cars or Cars 2. I had been to see Planes 2...

A Day in Marseille

Jamie and I spent the day exploring Marseille today. Cécile was going to join us but was not feeling well and returned to Lyon in the morning leaving the boys to take on the city by themselves. And so we did. The first thing on our list was a hike up to the Notre Dame...

Roadside at the TDF

Today we were roadside at the Tour de France in Marseille. Cécile, Jamie, and I took the very early train down from Lyon to Marseille this morning so that we could see the race up close and personal for another year. It's something we've done for the last couple of...

Countdown to Ultratour du Leman 175K